A Walk in the Life: River Witham, Lincoln, UK

As the weather has been so unusually good at the moment I’ve had the opportunity to go out walking and exploring the Lincolnshire countryside almost every day. Along with getting to walk some old routes I have also been able to find some new favourites, and I thought I would share this new discovery!

IMG_0935Views over the River Witham, heading towards Lincoln

River Witham Walk

This walk starts from the car park by the skate park on Fen Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 8EZ. We got there by car from the centre of Lincoln and it only took around 15 minutes, which was good as I don’t like to spending too much time in the car when I’m going out to walk. Parking is free which is also a bonus.

Off we go..

1. Walk back out of the car park and continue down along Fen Lane (which looks like an unused dirt track but does lead somewhere I promise!).

2. At the end of this track turn left onto a grassy footpath and follow it until it joins the River Witham (if you head up the bank on the right you can see down along the river before you carry on).

red brick bridge

3. On the left you will see a kissing gate, head through this and continue along the river bank passing through a field of geese and horses.


4. Pass through another gate and continue along the raised river bank (Look out for mallards, coots, swans and cygnets on the river, as well as swallows, tits and chaffinches on the bank) until you get to what seems like the end of the path.


5. On your right is a gap in the fence which leads down along the river. This path was fairly overgrown when we visited so it was difficult to walk down but you only walk along this path until you reach the bridge so it isn’t too bad (When we visited the brambles were covered in ripe blackberries, so naturally we picked as many as we could carry!).


6. Cross over the river via Newark Road bridge and walk down onto the opposite riverbank (this was made slightly more difficult by the current roadworks but not impossible and I’m sure will be better when they are finished).

7. On the left are Bracebridge Hall fishing ponds which were interesting to see (They can also be seen if you stay on the river bank path rather than taking the signposted path).


8. Head back onto the raised river bank and follow it along the River Witham for 3km (We saw a cormorant flying over as we stopped for lunch). Walk past fields of horses until you reach Meadow Lane footbridge.

9. Turn right over this footbridge and follow the path right and then almost immediately left onto a footpath which leads you through a field of what we think were turnips!


10. Continue on this path until you reach a grassed area behind some houses and turn right along the side of a dyke (which seems confusing until you see the path hidden in the corner!).


11. Follow this footpath along the side of fenced off fields up a bank and back to Fen Lane and the car park.

12. You are all done! 🙂

On revisiting this walk we found another route you can take. Instead of taking the footpath after the bridge in step 9. continue along the river bank until you reach a black bridge (Which can’t be crossed), turn left down the bank and follow this path through a gap in the wooden fence. Continue along this track until you reach a wooden plank bridge. Cross this bridge and walk straight across the field until you reach the end of Fen Lane, then head back to the car park.

I have always been a fan of river side walks and I really enjoyed this one! It offered great views of both the River Witham, Lincoln skyline and traditional Lincolnshire countryside. We were lucky enough to see a grey heron (several times as we followed it up the bank) and a kite carrying some prey in it’s claws. As well as all your traditional river side wildlife and plenty of butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies and bees. At 4.5 miles it takes around 2 hours to walk at a leisurely pace, isn’t too difficult if you aren’t usually much of a walker and is part of a set of walks from visit Lincolnshire’s stepping out guides.

DragonflyBlue damselfly

 Lincoln in August 2013 004Swan and cygnets on River Witham

I would definitely recommend this walk and will be checking out some of the other walks in the stepping out guides so I will let you know what I think!

A Walk in the Life…


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