A Walk in the Life: Heighington, Lincolnshire, UK

One of my favourite past times both back home in Oxfordshire, and here in Lincolnshire is being outside walking and exploring the countryside. As I don’t enroll officially as a MSc student until September and a sunny day finally came back to Lincoln I decided to give this Heighington walk a go!


IMG_0797 IMG_0827Three of my favourite landscapes – taken at points 4. 7. and 8.

Heighington Walk

This walk starts from the Butcher and Beast pub on the High Street, Heighington, Lincolnshire, LN4 1JS. We got there by car from the centre of Lincoln and it only took around 15 minutes. Parking is free but it is on the main road (High Street), however traffic through the village isn’t particularly busy.

Off we go…

1. From the pub, cross the road, turn right and take the first left down Wheelwright Lane. At the junction turn right onto Back Lane (Down this road on the right there is a red brick building which used to be a Blacksmith’s shop, a stone house called True Oddfellows that used to be a beer house and a Wheelwright’s yard. The high stone wall on the left surrounds the grounds of Heighington Hall).


2. At the T-junction (Opposite is an old stone church) cross the road and turn left, walking uphill.

3. When you reach the top of the hill take the public footpath on the right (Just past Edward Barker Road), walk down a green lane until you reach Garratt Close.


Walk straight on to the end of the close and across the green to the left corner (We saw lots of rabbits at the back of this field – so keep a look out for them) Cross the bridge over the railway.

Once in the field, walk straight ahead to a footpath sign, then bear left across the field joining a track known as Pudding Busk Lane!


4. Turn right and follow the footpath sign across the field and out onto the road.


5. Cross the road and turn right, then left, following the footpath along the right hand side of a hedgerow (This part of the walk has great views of Lincoln Cathedral, and was where we saw a yellow wagtail). This leads you all the way down to the bottom of the field and to Heighington Beck (A small stream running along the bottom of the field).


6. At the beck cross the footbridge, turn right and follow the footpath alongside the beck to Cliff Farm.

7. At the farm, cross the track and continue straight alongside the beck (Which is lined in places by black poplar trees, and was full of butterflies and bees) over another small bridge and through a field to a gate in the bottom right hand corner.


8. Once through the gate, turn right onto Sheepwash Lane following the path to where the road and track turn sharply right. Cross the road with care and continue through a field, which is the site of the village sheepwash.


Crossing over the railway, past a tunnel (where we stopped for lunch) continue on the path past a red brick bridge and school to Park Mill.


9. At the end of the lane turn right, then left, continuing down the footpath beside the beck.

Cross over the road, walking alongside the Turk’s Head pub then right back down the High Street to the Butcher and Beast pub which was very colourful! (Also have a look at the village post office, as it is a beautiful green colour)



10. You are all done! 🙂

I really enjoyed this walk! I love a good countryside walk and this really covers all the bases – fields full of corn and turnips, following the bubbling Heighington Beck and plenty of wildlife to see. It’s not a long walk at 3 miles (Taking around 1 1/2 hours to walk at a leisurely pace), but it does feel like you do a lot during those miles! It does have several gates, bridges and railway crossings so may not be suitable for everyone, but it does offer great views of Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire village buildings and countryside. Throughout this walk we saw plenty of wildlife, from butterflies and bees to rabbits, gold finches, tits, swallows and a yellow wagtail. All in all I would definitely recommend this walk!


Heighington Walk 14th August 2013 008

The guide I found this walk in had a choice of two walks – I chose the one that was more countryside based, although I’m pretty sure I will be giving the other one a go too.

A Walk in the Life…


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