A Craft in the Life: Chilli Oil

I love watching the Food Network. It never fails to give me new ideas of things to cook, make and bake. My most recent inspiration comes from a mini cooking video I saw by the Pizza Pilgrims – ‘How to make your own spicy chilli oil’. I really liked the idea of trying this recipe as it only requires a few ingredients: a jar/bottle, oil, chillies and some patience.

homemade_chilli_oil_54985_16x9This BBC chilli oil recipe is also really good 🙂

For Christmas gifts a few years back I put together a food hamper, including handmade chutney, wine, crackers and a miniature Christmas pudding. This recipe reminded me of when I was looking for components to fill these hampers, and the rather expensive price of chilli oils. This inspired me to try this out as a possible addition to a Christmas hamper this year!

You will need:

2-3 Chillies (Red, green, big, small – it’s totally up to your taste! If you like it hot add more and choose smaller ones, if you prefer it milder use less and choose bigger ones. Try a chilli guide if you want to try something new)

Good quality oil (Olive or sunflower – the amount will depend on the size of your jar/bottle)

A glass jar/bottle (If you plan on keeping your oil for yourself and don’t mind how it looks an old recycled pasta/curry sauce jar will be fine, or for a more interesting look you could use a jar with a metal clasp lid, tall jar with plastic and metal lid or a plain glass jar with an oil dispenser top!)

I found these glass jars from Boyes in Lincoln (There are several stores throughout the UK), however if you don’t live near one you could also try Amazon, other home ware and craft shops or charity/second hand stores.

IMG_1036Plain glass jar with oil dispenser top 

IMG_1037Plain glass jar with metal clasp lid

Let’s get started!

  • Taste your chillies! Every chilli varies in taste and heat – see what you are working with so you know how many to use to suit your personal taste
  • Take your chosen chillies and leave them in a warm, dry place for around two weeks to dry out (This removes all the moisture from the chillies so that when in the oil they don’t rot and instead give the oil with a spicy and smoked flavour)


  • Fill your chosen jar with oil and place your dried chillies into the oil, closing the lid tightly
  • Leave the jar in your cupboard for around two weeks for the spicy and smoked flavour to infuse into the oil
  • You are all done! 🙂

Chili oil

This recipe is super easy and simple to follow, just remember to give yourself enough time to allow the chillies to dry out and then infuse with the oil. The oil will last for three to four months, and it can be used on pizza, salad, soup – pretty much anything you want! Add a fancy hand written label and you are all done.

A Craft in the Life…


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