A Walk in the Life: Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, UK

With the sun shining this morning and no other plans I thought I would try out another walk from the Walking in Lincoln list of walks. After looking through the list, I decided on a Fiskerton walk which is part of the Lincolnshire Limewoods Walks guides.

Lincoln in August 2013 023Views of the cathedral from the river bank


This walk starts from the Village Hall, Ferry Road, Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, LN3 4HU. We got there by car from the centre of Lincoln in around 15 minutes. There is free parking off the road outside the Village Hall, next to a park. There is also a signpost giving you more information about Fiskerton which is definitely worth a look!


Off we go…

1. With your back to the village hall cross the road, turn right and follow the road left, past the village green (On the right) and Carpenters Arms pub (On the left). Once past the pub turn left down Nelson Street.


2. At the end of the road take a narrow footpath between two houses (On the right) signposted ‘Limewoods’ and follow this over a bridge into a field (Look out for horses/ponies in fields and gardens nearby!) Turn right and head towards a bridge and the River Witham.


3.  Cross the bridge, head left up the river bank and walk along the footpath besides the River Witham until you reach a metal bridge.


4. Before turning left down the lane definitely walk onto the bridge and look back towards the cathedral as the views are beautiful! When you are finished head down the lane until you reach a T-junction.


5. Turn left and take the first right onto a bridleway along Hall Lane.


6. Continue along this lane for 1 mile until the end of this surfaced track. Turn left down a bridleway. Continue along this track until you reach a path next to woodland (We decided to cut this part of the walk short and headed down this path which meets up with the full walk footpath on the other side of a field).


7. At a signpost (Which connects you up with 9. on the original guide) turn left and continue along the footpath until you reach a cross roads of tracks (When we visited the bushes lining the footpath were covered in sloe berries).


8. Cross straight over and head slightly left, emerging alongside a house back on Hall Lane.


9. Turn right and head back down Hall Lane. After 150m turn right over a stile and head across a field to a gate in the hedge. Bear left across the next field, heading towards the right hand side of some houses.

10. Go through a gap in the hedge and follow the path between the house and hedge until you reach the road. Turn left and at the T-junction turn right, heading back along the road to the Village Hall.

11.You are all done! 🙂

I have mixed feelings about this walk. I really enjoyed the first part of the walk, especially the views of the River Witham, Lincoln Cathedral and Lincolnshire countryside. I also liked walking through Fiskerton towards the end of the walk. However I felt that in order to visit the remains of Barlings Abbey the walk takes you along a large stretch of empty fields and farm tracks, which in places were a bit sparse and uneventful. We decided to shorten the walk because of this and in doing so did reduce the amount of farm track walking, but it still meant that we had to double back on ourselves which could put some people off. At it’s full length this walk is 7.5 miles (Taking around 4 hours at a leisurely pace), and at it’s shortened length 5.5 miles (Taking around 2½ hours at a leisurely pace). The walk we ended up doing was more like 4.5 miles (Taking around 2 hours at a leisurely pace).

Although in some areas we didn’t see much, around the River Witham and nearby lanes/tracks we did see a variety of wildlife, including butterflies, bees, geese, swans and cygnets, swallows, goldfinches and tits. I would do this walk again and I did enjoy most of the route, however this walk may not be to everyone’s taste especially if you don’t enjoy farm track and field walks.

Lincoln in August 2013 016

A Walk in the Life…


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