A Walk in the Life: Blankney, Lincolnshire, UK

With clear blue skies and the sun shining over Lincoln yesterday afternoon, I decided to head out on another Lincolnshire walk, courtesy of Visit Lincolnshire’s Stepping Out walks.



This walk starts from a car park that you can get to by driving through the village, taking the first left and then right at a fork in the road (Following signs for Blankney walks). We got there by car from the centre of Lincoln in around 25 minutes. The car parking is free with a picnic area nearby.

Off we go…

1. From the car park, walk through the picnic area, looking on your right at a renovated bridge which used to cross the carriageway leading to Blankney Hall. Heading left through gaps in metal fences join a path and follow this along the woodland until you reach a stile on your left.

2. Cross over the stile and head straight over the pasture towards another stile. Cross the stile and a stream, continuing straight on.


3. Follow the path, keeping the hedgerow on your left, over a wooden bridge until you reach a track. Follow the markers left, towards an area of woodland, keeping the hedgerow on your right.


4. When you reach the woodland, turn right and follow this path alongside the woodland. Keep straight on this path, heading to the corner of the field. Turn left and continue along the path, with the hedgerow on your right and field on your left.


5. Turn left through a gap in the hedgerow and follow the public footpath along a grassy path, with the hedgerow on the right and field on your left. Continue along this until you reach a farm track.


6. At this farm track, turn left and continue along until you reach a road (Acre Lane) that heads left, towards Scopwick Lowfields farm. Pass through the farm buildings and follow the footpath as it bends left along the edge of a field, until you reach a T-junction.

IMG_1347 IMG_1355

7. Turn left at this junction and follow this path past hedgerows, over a low stone bridge and to meet a junction of paths. Turn left at this junction, and continue along the footpath.
IMG_1357 IMG_13678. Follow this footpath right, continue along this path heading left and then right until you reach a stile on the left between hedgerows.


9. Walk across the pasture, with a stream on your left back to the car park.


10. You are all done! 🙂

I did enjoy this walk, however it was very different to those I have done so far this month, as it mostly consists of woodland, field and farm track walking. The full walk without any shortcuts was 3.8 miles and takes around 2 hours to complete at a leisurely pace. It is a quiet and peaceful walk, with views of Lincolnshire fields, farm life and hedgerows. As a result of this wildlife consists mostly of butterflies, bees, goldfinches, tits, rabbits and the occasional bird of prey in the sky (We saw a kite hunting in the open fields).


I would recommend this walk, however it may not be to everyone’s tastes as it is quiet in places. I would also recommend exploring the village, as it has an interesting history and the houses are beautifully built.

A Walk in the Life…

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