A Day in the Life: Ribs ‘n’ Bibs, The Strait, Lincoln, UK

Since it opened in 2012 I have been desperately trying to find time to visit Ribs ‘n’ Bibs! This independent restaurant was created by local guy Adam Morgan, and his American born business partner. They decided to open a real American smokehouse in Lincoln to bring the passion and love they developed for American food while living and travelling in the states. It is really easy to find, just head up The Strait, towards Steep Hill and it is on your left.

IMG_1387 IMG_1388

Ribs ‘n’ Bibs

The smell that hits you when you walk in the door is utterly mouth watering and is the work of the two meat smokers – Bert and Ernie. Set on two levels, the feeling when you walk in is homely and comfortable. We were seated quickly from the bar (Reservations are a must, as they get booked up really quickly!), to a small two seater table on the lower floor, near a beautiful large fireplace and under one of their signature bottle cap art boards.

Drinks wise, Ribs ‘n’ Bibs offer an interesting selection of cocktails and milkshakes, as well beers and ales served American style in a schooner size glass. After being given the drinks menu and a few minutes to look through it we decided to try a chocolate cookie milkshake. It was served very quickly and was topped with lots of whipped cream. It had a really nice real chocolate flavour, was full of chocolate brownie bits and was over way too quickly! 

The menu is small but varied, and there is a specials board that changes day to day (When we visited there were three main specials, as well as a dessert). We decided that we had to try the pulled pork, as we had heard so much about it! We both ordered the pulled pork which was with us within 30 minutes. It was served on top of a soft white bun, with sweet red onion, signature ‘slaw and hand cut skin-on fries.


Delicious does not even begin to describe it. 

The pulled pork meat was perfectly cooked, coated in a tangy and sweet BBQ sauce and topped with soft sweet red onions. The ‘slaw had a good texture and fresh taste which helped to break up the sweetness of the pulled pork. Now, I’m not a great lover of fries but these were seasoned and cooked really well. I found myself searching out the fries with the most skin left on and uncontrollably eating as many as I could!  The juices from the pulled pork soak into the bun underneath and leave you with tasty flavoured bread – if you have room left to eat the bun!

The portions are very generous, and unfortunately I had to leave some fries and bun. I had really wanted to try the dessert special – Churros with vanilla ice cream and a toffee sauce, but I didn’t think it could eat anymore. So I really really hope that when we visit next time they will have them again. I also had a look at the breakfast menu, and will definitely be coming back to try the cinnamon french toast and freshly made pancakes.

We visited on Roulette Tuesday, where you have the chance to win your entire food and drink bill for free! The staff take your contact details and a table number of your choice, then at the end of the night draw one from random. If you are lucky enough to be the chosen one you get your money back or if you have already left, a voucher for the value of your meal for next time.


All in all our visit was really good! 🙂

The service we received was brilliant. The staff were friendly and quick, checking everything was good for us, and asking if we needed anything. Our drinks and food were served quickly, well presented and were good value for money. I will certainly be coming back again and would definitely recommend this restaurant!

A Day in the Life…


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