A Walk in the Life: Ingham, Lincolnshire, UK

Despite it being fairly overcast in Lincoln recently, it is still surprisingly warm outside! So, naturally I picked out another Lincoln walk to try from my walking in Lincolnshire list, packed some lunch and headed out. All the walks we have done so far have been south of Lincoln city, so we decided to try out a walk in Ingham, which is 8 miles north of city.

IMG_1420The Village Green, with old school and bell tower behind 


The walk begins on the village green, opposite the village hall and old school buildings. We got there by car from the centre of Lincoln in around 15 minutes. There is plenty of free parking outside the village hall, and around the village green.

Off we go…

1. Head towards the village shop, and then left along West End. As the road begins to bend left, you can see an old windmill that was converted into a house in the 1960’s.

Ingham Walk 2013 001

2. Take a bridleway on the right (Just before the road bends left) and continue along this track until you reach a cross roads of paths.


3. Continue straight on and then head left, keeping along side a dyke, until you reach a wooden bench and bridges (Look out for hares which run and hide in the surrounding fields).


4. Turn right and cross both bridges. Follow the bridleway straight ahead, keeping the dyke and hedgerows on your right.


5. At the road, turn right and follow the road for 1 mile until the road turns sharply left.


6. Take the public footpath on the right, heading up an incline. When the path heads left, continue on straight, crossing over a wooden bridge.


7. Walk straight across the field, heading towards a red roofed house in the distance.


8. At the end of the field, cross the track and wooden bridge and continue through the next field towards the right of the red roofed house.


9. Follow the footpath between houses, and out onto a road. Walk along the lane until you reach a footpath on the right.


10. Take the path behind some houses and back out onto the road. Continue along the road, past the Inn on the Green and back out onto the village green.

IMG_1489 11. You are all done! 🙂

I enjoyed this walk, despite it having similar drawbacks to the Blankney walk we did recently. It consisted of field and farm tracks, as well as some road walking, which may put some people off. Although it was only 3¾ miles/6km long, it felt a lot longer and did offer great views over the Trent valley into Nottinghamshire, as well as the fields and dykes of the Lincolnshire countryside. The walk we did is one of two in the guide, and took around 2 hours to complete, at a leisurely pace. The other walk is 5½ miles/9km, takes around 3 hours to complete and visits the Coats by Stowe, which are ‘cots’ or cottages.

IMG_1496The Inn on the Green

The village of Ingham is particularly beautiful, full of charming houses with plenty of history especially in connection with the Dambusters squadron and the two pubs: Black Horse and Inn on the Green. As with the Blankney walk, wildlife was restricted to butterflies, bees, tits, goldfinches, rabbits/hares and reed warblers in the dykes. I also found some interesting mushrooms on a fallen tree, which were good to see as I really like photographing fungi.

IMG_1431 IMG_1433

I would recommend this walk, however like the Blankney walk it may be a bit quiet in places for some people. I will definitely be trying out the second walk on the guide as I really liked exploring the village and would like to see the Coats by Stow.

A Walk in the Life…

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