A Bake in the Life: Fifteens

Normally I’m the one showing someone how to bake, so it was odd but really fun for me to learn how to make something new! Now, if you are like me you probably don’t know what fifteens are, so let me explain. Like my good friend who made the brave decision to teach me in how to make them, Fifteens are a tray bake that originate from Northern Ireland, and get their name from the amount of each ingredient used.



You will need:

15 Digestive Biscuits

15 Glacé Cherries (We couldn’t find any so we used sweet cherries with the stems removed!)

15 Marshmallows

1 Can of Condensed Milk

Desiccated Coconut


Let’s get started!

  • Place the digestive biscuits into a sandwich bag and break into a fine breadcrumb like texture (If you don’t have a rolling pin you can use the can of condensed milk – like we did!).


  • Pour the biscuit crumbs into a bowl. Chop the cherries in half and using scissors cut the marshmallows into small pieces. Add both to the biscuit mixture. IMG_1869
  •  Open the can of condensed milk and pour over the mixture. Stir until combined and set aside.


  • Lay out a piece of cling film and sprinkle with desiccated coconut.
  • Form the mixture into a long sausage shape and lay at the top of the cling film. Pulling the cling film tight roll the mixture in the cling film and twist the ends to seal.


  • Place the mixture into the fridge until hardened (If you want to speed up this process, you can always put it in the freezer instead).


  • Once hardened, unwrap and cut into 1 inch/2cm slices. Sprinkle each fifteen with desiccated coconut and enjoy! 🙂

One batch of these and I am totally hooked! They are so easy to make (No baking required at all!), are full of little bits of cherry and marshmallow, and are completely delicious. I love chocolate fridge cake, and this is pretty similar except for that the binding component is condensed milk rather than chocolate. I really like that though, as it isn’t as hard and is much easier to eat straight from the fridge! These ingredients gave us enough mixture to make two batches, and seeing as I can’t stop eating them I’m really glad Sophia took one batch home!

Even if you have no experience with cooking or baking these are so easy and fool proof, you have to give them a go!

A Bake in the Life…


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