A Walk in the Life: Aubourn and Haddington, Lincolnshire, UK

After such a hectic week I decided to relax and try out another walk from the Lincolnshire walk guide. There are a few walks on the list I have been wanting to try, so I decided on a walk between two connecting villages – Aubourn and Haddington.

As with quite a few of these walks, this walk is one of two – The Aubourn Country Walk and A Story of Two Churches. We decided to do the second walk – A Story of Two Churches, as both the villages of Aubourn and Haddington have an interesting history based around their two churches.

IMG_1939Older Original church in the grounds of Aubourn Hall

IMG_1974Newer Victorian Church between Aubourn and Haddington

The history of the two churches of St Peter in Aubourn spans 600 years. The earlier church, which stands in the ground of Aubourn Hall (You visit this church first at 3.), was built in around 1200 on the site of an earlier wood and stone structure recorded in Doomsday. In 1862 most of the building was demolished, and the stone incorporated into the building of the new joint parish church between Aubourn and Haddington. This Victorian building, which was also dedicated to St Peter, deteriorated in less than 100 years to the point where it was deemed unsafe and was partly demolished. As you head out of Aubourn and down Bridge Street (At point 8.) definitely take a look at the church and you can see the demolished parts. When the original church was restored in 1933, the church congregation moved back there from the Victorian church.

IMG_1931Aubourn Hall and grounds

Aubourn and Haddington

This walk starts from a very small car park on Dovecote Lane, Haddington, Lincoln LN5 9EF, UK –  opposite a dovecote that is currently being renovated. We took the car from the centre of Lincoln and it took around 20 minutes.

Off we go…

1. Once parked, walk back onto Dovecote Lane, turn right into Haddington Village until you meet the junction with Bridge Road.


2. Turn right along this road and continue until you cross over the River Witham. Immediately after this bridge, cross the road and head towards a public footpath. Take this path and follow it through a pasture, keeping the hedgerow on your right.

3. Remain on this footpath, through some woodland until you can see the grounds of Aubourn Hall on your left (Look out for some cows grazing the woodland as you walk through) Head to the right hand corner of this field and through a gate.


Following the footpath to the left, emerge into the grounds of Aubourn Hall (Definitely have a quick look at the gardens in front of the hall – they are really beautiful). Continue straight ahead towards the church of St Peters.


4. Enter the church yard and head towards the back, taking a footpath on the left (Have a look around the church and church yard as it is really interesting. Especially towards the back where you can see the plots of several generations of families who lived in the villages).


5. Take the footpath and follow it to the bank of the River Witham. Turn right down the bank and continue along until you reach a signpost on your right (We stopped here for a while and saw a grey heron sitting and then flying down the river, and lots of fish).


6. Follow this footpath right, over the bank and continue along it until you reach the road.


7. Turn right and follow the road back through Aubourn (Look out for a view of Aubourn Hall again, through the main gate). Keeping right when you reach the one way system.


8. Take the fork in the road past the Royal Oak Pub, following the road out of Aubourn and then around a right bend in the road towards the Victorian St Peters Church (There are loads of really beautiful houses in this village so definitely have a look at them as you pass through! We also saw this interesting signpost in the village which is worth a look).


9. Turn right at the T-junction and follow Bridge Road until you cross back over the River Witham (Definitely explore the Victorian church and the church yard, as they are both really interesting to see. Head round the back of the church to see the changes in the building).

IMG_1976 IMG_1985

10. You can either turn left here at the footpath, crossing through pasture land heading back towards the Dovecote OR you can continue along Bridge Road and back the way you came.


11. You are all done! 🙂

I’m very glad we decided to do the second walk – A Story of Two Churches as it was pretty different to any of the walks we have done so far from the guide. Both walks are in and around Aubourn and Haddington, are each 3.75 miles/6km and take around 1½-2 hours to complete.


The walk takes you through both villages, along the River Witham as well as through the grounds of Aubourn Hall, all of which is really beautiful. Because of this, we saw mostly hedgerow and river side wildlife – Butterflies, bees, goldfinches, sparrows, fish and a grey heron in the river. I would definitely recommend this walk, as it has a bit of everything and I really enjoyed the historical aspect of the walk.

I would really like to try out the second walk and visit Aubourn Hall when the grounds are open – as the glimpse we saw of them as we walked through was really beautiful.

A Walk in the Life…


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