A Day in the Life: Museum of Lincolnshire Life and Ellis Mill, Burton Road, Lincoln, UK

Last year when my parents stayed with me in Lincoln they decided to visit the museum of Lincolnshire life and really enjoyed it. Ever since then every time I spoke to my parents my dad would ask if I had been yet, and for various reasons I never got round to it! So, with the weather taking a turn for the worse, I decided to finally make my dad’s day and visit the museum.


Museum of Lincolnshire Life

We decided to walk to the museum, however the museum does have free parking around the building. The museum is free to visit, and is open every day between April and September from 10am-4pm (Between October and March: Monday-Saturday). While Ellis Mill is only open at the weekends (On both Saturday and Sunday between April-September from 2-5pm, and then only on Sunday between October-April from 2pm till dusk).

You enter the museum through a large black iron gate, and turn immediately left into the gift shop and information desk. We were quickly greeted by the staff behind the desk, and given a map of the museum. Heading out the door on the right, you walk straight into the courtyard which is filled with old farm equipment and a children’s play area.

You can do the museum in any order but the guide recommends starting on the right, next to the tearoom which serves cold and hot drinks, as well as some food. We decided to follow the guide, so I won’t show photos of every part of every room we visited just some parts I found particularly interesting!

IMG_2338Central Courtyard inside the museum







Wash House


Saddlery and Stable




Royal Lincolnshire Regimental Galleries


Transport and Industry/Agriculture Gallery

IMG_2308 IMG_2312


IMG_2314 IMG_2315


Basket Maker


Print Shop

IMG_2318 IMG_2325



Post Office



IMG_2335 IMG_2336



I really enjoyed our visit to the museum, as there was a wide variety of rooms to see with plenty of interesting things in each. Unfortunately when we visited Ellis Mill was closed, as it was a week day. However we did walk round and have a look at the Mill, although we couldn’t go inside. I will definitely be visiting again, so we can see inside the Mill and explore the courtyard at the museum as it was a bit cold and wet to do it when we visited!

A Day in the Life…


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