A Craft in the Life: Peppermint Sugar Scrub

I am still completely in love with the lemon sugar scrub I made last month. Not only was it easy, simple and inexpensive to make, it works really well – giving good abrasion, leaving my skin feeling soft and smelling like fresh lemon! As I used up the last of the scrub this week, I knew I definitely wanted to make another batch, but try something a little different. So after decided to save using other citrus fruits for another time, I chose to try out peppermint.


Peppermint Sugar Scrub

You will need:

8oz/225g Granulated Sugar (Make sure it is granulated as you need the abrasion. You may need a little more depending on what consistency you like your scrubs!)

2oz/56g Coconut/Almond Oil (These are solid in consistency, and can then be melted. I used coconut oil and found one in Boots for £2.54 and one in Superdrug for £2.29)

Few drops of peppermint oil/extract (This also varies based on what consistency you like your scrubs!)

Jar to store your finished scrub (I used a metal clasp jar, but you can use an old candle jar or recycled jar – just make sure it’s clean)

Let’s get started!

  • Weigh out your granulated sugar, place in a bowl and set aside.


  • Weight out your oil and place in a microwave safe bowl. Heat the oil for around 30 seconds, until melted (If lumps are present don’t worry just mix with a spoon until smooth).

IMG_1184 IMG_1187

  • Pour the melted oil over the sugar and mix until combined.


  • Add the peppermint oil/flavouring to the sugar/oil mixture. Stir until combined.


  • If the mixture is too dry for you add a few more drops of peppermint oil/flavouring. If the mixture is too wet for you add up to another 4oz/112g of granulated sugar.
  • Pour your final scrub mixture into your chosen jar.


  • You are all done! 🙂

This scrub was quicker and easier to make than the lemon one, as you don’t need to grate or juice the lemon.  It is also slightly less messy than the lemon, as you don’t get bits of zest all over the bathroom! However it is slightly drier than the lemon as you don’t have the juice of the lemon. If you prefer a wetter consistency I would either stick to making scrubs with citrus fruit (Lemon/Lime/etc) or use the juice of a citrus fruit in combination with your oil/flavouring.

This scrub works as well as the lemon, giving good abrasion and leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I will definitely be making this scrub again, with another alteration! 🙂

A Craft in the Life…


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