A Day in the Life: Lincoln Ghost Walk

I have been wanting to do the Lincoln ghost walk since last year when some of my close friends invited me along, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. So when freshers week came around we decided to all head up Steep Hill and do the ghost walk!


Lincoln Ghost Walk

The walk starts from the castle square between Lincoln Cathedral and Castle, at 7pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. As it is a walking tour and there is only one per evening we arrived 10/15 minutes early to make sure we didn’t miss the start. The walk takes around 2 hours and costs £4 per adult and £2 per child (Under 12), which I think is a good price for the tour that we got.

We met our tour guide at around 6.50pm, and brought our tickets ready for the walk to begin at 7pm. Our guide was a really lovely women dressed in long black robes who had a little toy ghost hanging from the front of her mobility scooter – making her easy to follow as it got darker! Her husband also followed us round, helping out by shining a torch onto things of interest that we couldn’t quite see as it got darker. We started the tour in front of the castle gates with an introduction to the walk, how it started and how our guide came to do the guided walks.

IMG_2465 IMG_2459

We then continued our walk back towards the cathedral, into the medieval Bishop’s palace and garden and around the back of the cathedral next to the Chapter house, where we finished our tour. It was a clear night when we visited, so we had beautiful views of the cathedral and out over Lincoln. At the end of the walk our guide gave us a Lincoln ghost walk sticker to help keep away unwanted spirits, which was really nice! Throughout the walk she told us several places where sightings had been, and that we could take photos there to see if we could see anything too. Not sure if I found something or not but here are some – maybe you can see something?

IMG_2463 IMG_2461

I really enjoyed the walk, I won’t spoil the tour by retelling any of the stories we were told but they were all very interesting and intriguing. Many of the stories and sightings have been told to the guides by people who have been on the walk. As well as these she also told us some fascinating history about the cathedral, castle and other historical buildings we walked past. A few of my friends had been before and mentioned that the stories and sightings that our guide told us were different from last time, which was good. In case you were wondering it isn’t a ghost walk where actors jump out at you!

I would definitely recommend this walk, as it is really interesting even if you aren’t a firm believer in ghosts. Our guides were very friendly and welcoming, as well as having a great knowledge of the sightings and history of Lincoln. It can get a bit cold, especially now we are in October but you do keep moving quickly so as long as you wrap up fairly warm it should be fine!


A Day in the Life…


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