A Day in the Life: Postgraduate Induction

As freshers week began at the University of Lincoln, so did a series of postgraduate induction sessions which myself and several other postgraduate research students attended. We started on the 25th September with a College of Science, School of Life Sciences specific induction which was held in Bridge House next to the on campus accommodation – Courts. The session was held by a member of staff who usually works at the Riseholme campus, and was attended by both new and current postgrad students as well as members of staff. It was really good to get to meet some other new research postgrads and members of staff who I haven’t had the chance to meet as an undergraduate. 

The session started with everyone introducing themselves, their previous experiences and the nature of their postgrad study at Lincoln University. We then had an introduction into how postgrad study is structured at Lincoln, what to expect in regards to forms (Risk assessments/COSHH/Ethics), writing up our thesis and viva. After a coffee/tea break we were introduced to our postgrad support members of staff and the events they want to hold this year to help our study. We then had a break for lunch, which was really good as we sat with most of the other postgrad students and members of staff. This gave us chance to get to know other new students and give feedback on the morning’s session.

IMG_2584Bridge house has facilities for postgraduates in the College of Science, School of Life Sciences

After lunch we decided to join a campus tour for the students who were completely new to Lincoln, and visited the graduate building, Witham house and finally the Science building. We then met with Julian Bartrup, the laboratories’ manager for a talk regarding health and safety, working in the labs and whether we would like to work as a lab demonstrator for undergrad lab practicals. I am really interested in doing some demonstrating, so I was very happy to hear that it was possible for us to sign up to do so. We completed forms with our details and experiences, so that we could be properly assigned to practicals. We were now offered a tour of the labs, but as I have used almost all the labs in the building I decided to head home.

I thought that the induction was very useful, everyone we met was friendly and ready to answer any questions we had. It was also good to meet other postgrad students, as many were from different disciplines (Animal behaviour/Pharmacology/Biology/etc).

As well as this specific induction, we also attended a University wide postgrad induction on Friday 4th October, which was held in the graduate school. This induction was fairly similar to the specific induction, however students from a variety of different colleges and schools attended (Business/Media/Psychology/etc).

IMG_2580The graduate school, above the accommodation office

Firstly we were welcomed to the graduate school by Professor Mike Neary, who is the Dean of Teaching and Learning, and Director of the Graduate school at the University of Lincoln. We started the induction by getting to know the person sat next to us, and then describing our research in 100 words to everyone else in the room. This exercise was very useful as we are required to do this when we complete our GS3 forms in around 3 months. We also worked together to think about what will be the best and most challenging parts of being a research postgrad student.

We then had around an hour lecture on the structure, paperwork, thesis writing and viva – very similar to that at the specific induction. Finally we had four small talks from several members of staff within the university. Firstly Chris Brandrick – the graduate school’s online services officer, who introduced us to the graduate school website and guided us through some of the main features, including booking onto training and being part of the new postgrad student profiles. We then heard from Marishona Ortega – the subject librarian for the School of Life Sciences, who introduced the library website to us as well as the facilities the library offers to postgrad students. Next we heard from a member of the student’s union, who talked about joining sports and societies, as well as student representatives. Finally we heard from Jess Bishop, who introduced us to the Lincoln Award, volunteering and Jobshop facilities at the university.

I enjoyed this induction as we got to meet other postgrad students who weren’t necessarily from our particular subject. It was also really good to spend some time within the graduate building and getting to meet members of staff who work with postgrad students. I’m really interested in attending some more graduate school training events, and will definitely be signing up to more sessions.

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