A Craft in the Life: Christmas Stockings

Last year I decided to try and make my own miniature felt stockings after seeing several for sale and as decorations over Christmas. They turned out to be much easier than I thought and I ended up making quite a few with the initials of family members, for gifts. This year I decided to make a few more to add to my Christmas tree decoration collection and experiment with the designs a bit. I also made a few more for friends, again personalised with their initials for hanging on their Christmas trees or just as seasonal decorations.

I think this is a really good starter craft for those who haven’t done much sewing before as it doesn’t require a sewing machine or any special equipment, just a needle and thread. For the more experienced crafter there is plenty of room for experimentation and personalisation through changes in fabric, size and design.


Christmas Stockings

You will need:

Fabric of your choice (I used red and green felt to give a Christmas look, but you can use any type/pattern/colour of fabric. I brought half a metre of each and that is plenty to make at least 20 if not more stockings if you place your template carefully)

Needle and thread (I used thicker white thread to fit with my Christmas coloured red and green stocking, but you can use matching coloured thread – choose a needle to suit the size of your thread)

Sewing machine (If you don’t want to stitch the pieces together by hand)



Paper template (I made this myself by finding a stocking image online and adjusted the size to suit my needs)

Ribbon (You can choose whatever you would like to make the stocking handle, or you can leave this off)

Let’s get started!

  • Start by making your paper template, either by printing off a template or laying paper over your screen and tracing the image. You can then adjust the template size to suit you.


  • Once you have your template, fold your fabric in half so you when you cut it out you will have two layers of fabric.


  • Pin the template to your two layers of fabric, and carefully cut it out.


  • Continue pinning and cutting out until you have your desired amount of stockings.


  • If you choose to add some decoration to your stocking do it now before you stitch the two layers of fabric together.
  • I decided to decorate mine with the initials of the people I was making them for, but you could decorate them with snowflakes, Christmas trees or anything else you can think of!
  • If you want the stitching to be seamless, then pin the stocking pieces right sides together and stitch all the way around expect for the top opening – then turn the right way out.
  • If like me you like the look of the stitching, just pin the two pieces together with the design facing out and stitch all the way around expect for the top opening.


  • I chose to hand stitch my stockings together, but you can always use a sewing machine if you like.


  • Fold a piece of ribbon in half lengthways and cut to your desired length.
  • Using a needle and thread stitch this handle onto the top corner of your stocking (This will depend on which way your stocking faces).
  • You are all done! 🙂


You can leave your stocking empty and simply give them as Christmas tree/room decorations or you can fill them with small gifts such as candy canes, sweets or miniature presents. If you want you could also leave off the initials and instead decorate them with stars, trees or snow flakes – or of course just leave them plain.

A Craft in the Life…


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