A Craft in the Life: Christmas Candles!

A while back you may remember my candle making experience with Megan from ‘Megan’s Candle Corner’. She has just started stocking her Christmas candle collection, including:

  • Christmas Splendor – A festive mixture of cinnamon, orange and a whole mixture of other Christmas related smells!
  • Spiced Apple – A lovely fruity smell with a hint of Christmas Spice!
  • Sweet Cherry – Less of a Christmas scent, more just a great smell of cherries at their best!

‘We also now have a green candle dye, so you can get really festive with red and green tea light sets, red and green striped Jar candles… or any other style you can think of I will try and create!’ – Megan

If you are looking for some beautiful handmade Christmas presents this year I would definitely recommend checking out her facebook and Etsy shop!

Happy Christmas candle shopping! 🙂

A Craft in the Life…


2 thoughts on “A Craft in the Life: Christmas Candles!

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