A Craft in the Life: Woodland Wreath

During December I love looking at the interesting and unique wreaths on front doors when ever I am out walking. I particularly like to see those which are clearly handmade of fresh foliage and seasonal decorations. I have always wanted to make my own wreath and after collecting some seasonal foliage on a walk in Oxfordshire I decided to give it a go. I didn’t follow any particular method, just from my own experiences and wreaths I have seen being made before.


Woodland Wreath

You will need:

1-2 Bendy Twigs/Sticks

Seasonal Foliage (I used Leylandii as a base then added pieces of Norwegian spruce/fir)

Seasonal Decorations (Large and small pine cones, holly leaves and berries)

Cinnamon sticks/dried citrus fruit (Such as oranges/lemons/limes, or maybe smaller versions of my Orange and Clove Pomander)

Thin Wire/Twine/String


Let’s get started!

  • Start by using one twig and bending it gently into the shape you wish your wreath to be (I decided to only use 1 twig and create a circle shaped wreath).


  • You can secure your wreath with wire/twine or string, or like me you can just tuck the ends into the shape you have already created.
  • Once bound you can then begin to add the base foliage to the wreath’s ‘skeleton’.
  • I started with leylandii as it has lots of good green foliage that covers the wreath well and is easy to work with (I tried to use minimal binding material, so I pushed the end of each sprig into the wreath ‘skeleton’ before wrapping the sprig around and tucking it in again).


  • Once I had added enough leylandii to cover the wreath ‘skeleton’, I added some sprigs of Norwegian spruce/fir before tidying up the foliage by tucking in and trimming sections.


  • You can then decorate with pine cones, holly leaves/berries and anything else you like! (Again I tried to use as little binding material as possible, however for the large pine cones and cinnamon stick I used some wire).

IMG_4500 IMG_4503

  • As you add more foliage and decoration definitely decide which way you want your wreath to be and hang/hold it up as this will change how your wreath looks.


  • Once finished you can use ribbon to hang up your wreath where ever you like.
  • You are all done! 🙂


Wreaths are of course usually seen as being just for Christmas, however I think this wreath would be beautiful anytime of the year made from seasonal foliage and decorations. It was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be to make, however it is very easy to find yourself spending longer especially when it comes to adding final decorations and tidying. You can use what ever foliage and decorations you can find, which makes it both very seasonal and easy to personalise. If you wanted you could also spray paint some pine cones with white/silver/gold paint, or add some glitter. I’m really proud of the final results and I would definitely recommend making your own!

A Craft in the Life…


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