A Craft in the Life: Thank You Cards

For the last few years I have been making my own thank you cards/letters to send to my close friends and family after Christmas. We have collected quite a few Christmas craft books over the years and they offer plenty of ideas for cards/letters. Last year after Christmas I used one of the books to create fingerprint robin letters, so this year I decided to use another of the books to look for inspiration. After finding several designs I liked the look of, including scrap paper reindeer, colourful baubles and wise men, I decided on a cute penguin design 🙂


Thank You Cards/Letters

You will need:

Card (I used some thick cream coloured card and cut each sheet into small square cards, but you can use whatever you have/like)

Small potato (Cut into shape using a sharp knife to give a penguin body and a handle)

Poster/Acrylic paint and small paint brush (White, black and orange)

Glitter (I used silver and blue for create falling and settled snow)

PVC/glue stick



Let’s get started!

  • Prepare your chosen card by folding and cutting according to your preference.


  • Cut a slice off your potato to create a penguin body, then make four cuts to create a handle.


  • Dip your potato penguin body side into black paint and ensure it is evenly covered.
  • Carefully print a penguin body onto your card, filling in any sparse areas using your paint brush.
  • Using your paint brush, paint on two flippers (You can paint them up or down, or one of each!).


  • Leave to dry, before using a smaller potato (Or your original potato cut down a bit) to print a penguin’s white tummy.


  • Using the end of a paint brush print create an eye for each penguin.
  • Leave to dry, before using black paint to create a pupil for each penguin.
  • Finally paint a orange beak onto each penguin before leaving to dry completely.
  • You can then add glitter to create falling and settled snow.

penguin 2

  • You can now write your card and give them to your friends and family!

I really love how these little penguin cards turned out 🙂 The shape/size of the card is completely up to you, but I decided to keep it small as I wanted to penguin to almost fill the whole front of the card. You can also personalise each penguin however you like, by changing the direction of their flippers, beak and feet. I decided to do a selection of different penguins, so I had some looking like they were jumping and some standing on snow, looking in both directions. I used a mixture of silver and blue glitter, for both settled and falling snow which I think turned out really well. I find making your own thank you cards very rewarding, as not only do I have fun making them but those who you give them to really appreciate the time and effort put into them.

A Craft in the Life…


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