Science Technician Internship

If you haven’t already, definitely check out my friend’s blog, which follows him through his experiences as a Science Technician at the University of Lincoln! 🙂

My Science Technician Internship

Like any good sequel, I’ll be doing things a little differently the previous itteration. In my first post I wrote about a lot of the things I did throughout the day at my internship. However, after my second week I soon realised that many of the tasks I carried out would be ones I carry out every week, and telling you that I signed for a delivery each week would soon get repetitive and tedious, not to mention it would get repetitive.

With that in mind, this weeks post will talk in more detail about the more interesting aspects of my second week.

On tuesday I ran through a titration practical which would be carried out by students later in the month. While I wouldn’t necessarily be in the practical, the process was useful as it ensured all the required equipment and materials were provided, and that the reagents used…

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