A Walk in the Life: Doddington Park, Doddington, Lincolnshire, UK

While I was back home I spent a lot of time visiting some of my favourite places, as well as getting to do some new walks. However, since I’ve been back in Lincoln I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would like and have only been able to visit some close favourites. So when the weekend came around and I had some free time I had a look through the list of stepping out walks which I have used before, and decided on a walk around Doddington Park and Hall – which I visited before Christmas.


When we visited before Christmas, we did have a wander around the gardens and grounds, however I really wanted to explore the park and village a bit more. There are two walks on the guide: Doddington circle walk and Walking around Doddington – I decided on the circle walk as it followed part of the walk we did before and takes you beside the hall and nearby church.

Doddington circle walk

This walk starts from the car park we used when visiting Doddington Hall and grounds, which is off the main road through Doddington, Lincoln, LN6 4RU. Parking is free, easy to find and only takes around 10 minutes by car to get there from the centre of Lincoln.

Off we go…

1. Leaving the car park, carefully cross the road and turn left, so that the hall and farm shop are on your right.

2. Follow the road past the farm shop until you reach the entrance to the farm yard with a bridleway sign pointing right into the yard.


3. Turn right here, following the path down through the yard past farm buildings on the right and a large field on the left (The yard on the right is where Christmas trees are sold and where the ‘Bauble Barn’ usually is during December!)


4. When you reach a junction of paths, turn right and follow the public footpath sign before turning left through a metal gate into a large pasture.


5. Walk diagonally across the pasture, making sure to look back towards the hall as you reach the middle walkway lined with trees.


6. Continue until you reach another metal gate, pass through this and follow the path heading left towards the woodland (Keep an eye out for rabbits and hares in the undergrowth and fields!).


7. As you reach the end of the woodland, turn left and go through another metal gate into a field.


8. Follow this path, keeping to the edge of the woodland until you reach the end of the wood (We found lots of small footprints here which looked like deer, heading into the wood).


9. At the end of the pathway, turn right and continue along the path until you reach a road (Look out for the beautiful views over the fields and farm land).


10. Turn right at the road and follow it alongside the woodland before reaching the main road (Keep an eye out for birds and animals inside the woodland, surrounding fields and hedgerows).


11. Take the bridleway right, following the road until you reach a gap in the hedge on the left (From here you can see the top of the church of Saint Peter’s and Doddington Hall in the distance). 


12. Walk alongside a wall on your right, through a small gap between two trees and in front of the church (Definitely stop and explore the churchyard and beautiful church of Saint Peter’s).


13. Cross over the road and head back to the car park.

You are all done! 🙂

I really enjoyed my visit to Doddington Hall last month and I’m glad to have spent some more time exploring the surrounding parkland. The circular walk we did is 1.9miles/3.1km and takes around 45 minutes to complete – so it’s perfect for a quick walk! The walk takes you through farm land, pasture, woodland and through fields lined with hedgerows, ensuring there is plenty of wildlife to see. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful views of Doddington Hall, the nearby church of Saint Peter and woodland.


We saw plenty of hedgerows birds, as well as a large and very fast hare in the pasture surrounding the hall. I would really like to try out the second walk in the guide, which is slightly longer and explores the opposite side of Doddington heading towards Skellingthorpe. If you can definitely visit the hall and grounds, as well as the farm shop! I would recommend trying this walk out 🙂

A Walk in the Life… 


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