A Walk in the Life: Skellingthorpe, Lincoln, UK

Originally I had hoped to do this walk last weekend, however seeing as there was non stop rain and even hail all weekend I had to give up on the idea. Thankfully when I woke up Saturday morning the sun was shining (…and the wind was blowing a gale – but I guess we can’t be too picky!), so I quickly packed up some lunch and headed out. This walk is another one from the Stepping Out Lincolnshire walk guide, this time in the village of Skellingthorpe to the west of Lincoln.

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 012

Skellingthorpe Old Wood Walk

This walk starts from the Community Centre, Lincoln road, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 5UT easily accessed via the A46 Lincoln bypass. There is plenty of free parking beside the community centre, which is quick to find off the main road through the village. From the centre of Lincoln it took around 10 minutes to get there by car.

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 006

Off we go!

1. Begin the walk by turning left out of the community centre car park and follow the path as it bends left along Church Road until you reach the Coop on your right.

2. Cross the road and turn right keeping the Coop on your left until you reach another junction (Look out for a beautiful red brick church opposite the Coop).

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 010

3. Turn left onto Wood Bank, following this road as it becomes a track and forks (Look out on both sides of the road for great views across fields and birds in the hedgerows).

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 014

4. Take the right fork passing several houses on both sides of the road until you reach a junction of paths at the edge of the wood.

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 015

5. Follow the right hand waymarker which leads you along the bridleway.

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 024

6. After approximately 300 metres take a footpath on the left through a gate.

7. Follow the woodland path, looking out for wooden carved sculptures throughout the wood, heading left before taking the small track on your right at a junction of paths (Keep an eye out for lots of little tepees made from wood to your right and for birds of prey soaring above you, we were lucky enough to see a Buzzard).

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 029

8. Continue along this path until you reach a T-junction. Turn left here following the path heading towards the end of the woodland.

9. Turn left and follow the path along the edge of woodland (Definitely stop at the wooden walkways and have a look out over the fields before you carry on).

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 042

10. When the path heads left, follow it back into the wood and straight over a cross roads of grassy pathways (Look out for squirrels playing in the trees – we saw loads as we headed back into the woodland).

11. Follow this path as it heads left reaching the edge of the wood with fields on your right.

12. Pass through a wooden gate way out of the woodland and follow a stream on your right until you reach a junction of paths.

13. Turn left and follow the track past a fenced off area on your right with woodland on your left until you re join the public footpath you originally started on before entering the wood (There were so many small birds (Goldfinches, Robins, Great/Blue Tits…) along this path, although they dart across your path very quickly you will definitely be able to hear them!).

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 048

14. Follow the footpath right, heading back the way you came onto Wood Bank until you end up back at the community centre.

15. You are all done! 🙂

This walk is 4.5 miles/7.6km and takes around 2/2 ½ hours to complete at a leisurely pace, however as I’m a fairly quick walker we completed it in around 1 ½ hours. Once you reach the woodland this walk can easily be extended or cut short by taking one of the many other paths that explore the woodland. When we visited it was still a bit wet and muddy so a few paths were sometimes difficult to follow – wellies or good walker boots are definitely a must! Near the community centre snowdrops can already be seen flowering and there is plenty of wildlife to see throughout the fields, hedgerows and woodland.

Skellingthorpe Wood Walk 008

I really enjoyed this walk, and I would like to visit again as the weather warms and dries up. Especially as the wood turns green again and wild flowers begin to bloom on the woodland floor. The village of Skellingthorpe is really beautiful, in particular the older houses and church you walk past heading to the wood. If you enjoy woodland walks as much as I do, definitely try this one out 🙂

A Walk in the Life…


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