A Craft in the Life: Chocolate Bark Flavours

I decided to trial out a few different flavours of chocolate bark, again on top of a marbled white and milk chocolate bark base. Instead of making three separate batches of bark, I actually just made one large baking tray base of white and milk chocolate then separated it off into three even sections which I topped with the following:

Salted Peanuts

I used a snack bag of ready roasted and salted peanuts, but you can roast/salt your own peanuts. Then roughly chop the peanuts, or simply sprinkle them whole over your chocolate base. The mixture of salty and sweet is one of my favourites and definitely reminds me of Peanut Butter Cups!


Cranberry, Cherry and Almonds

I took the easy option here and used a small snack bag of dried cranberries, cherries and almonds. I decided to chop up some of the almonds to give more interesting texture to the bark. I really love the mixture of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate – this is definitely my favourite flavour so far (Although my original Candy Cane chocolate bark does come close!).

Chocolate Bark and Fortune Cookies 002

Glacé Cherry, Caramel Chocolate and Sprinkles

Reminiscent of a ice cream sundae – the mixture of white and milk chocolate, caramel running through and topped off with sweet sticky glacé cherries and of course sprinkles! I used caramel chocolate sweets here for convenience but you could make your own caramel, or just top it off with some premade caramel sauce.

Chocolate Bark 012

A Craft in the Life…

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