A Walk in the Life: Whisby Nature Park, Lincoln, UK

Along with Hartsholme Country Park, I have been visiting Whisby Nature Park since the first year I moved to Lincoln. For me, Whisby is where I go when I want to enjoy quiet and peaceful bird watching from hides over the lakes. However, there are still loads of great walks to follow for those who would rather seek out nature than watch and wait. The Natural World visitor’s centre is also a great place to explore, with changing art/photography exhibits, an environmental themed interactive area and restaurant.

Whisby Nature Park 3.2.2014 067

Whisby Nature Park

There are several designated walks around the park and lakes, which all begin from the visitor’s centre (Moor Lane, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincolnshire, LN6 9BW) accessed via the A46 Lincoln bypass. From the centre of Lincoln it takes around 15 minutes to get there by car and there is plenty of parking which costs £2 between the hours of 10am-4pm. Other than the parking charge the park is free to enter and is open from dusk until dawn (Exact times change throughout the year). While the visitor’s centre is open from 10am-4.30pm October to March and 10am-5pm April to September.


The variety of signposted walks range both in terms of length and what part of the nature reserve they take you through. Some allow you to explore the large lakes throughout the park, while others take you through woodland and meadows. You can pick up a trail guide from the visitor’s centre or just make your own way around the park following the signposts. I have explored all of them before, and depending on what I want to see/photograph that day I vary which trail I take.

Whisby Nature Park 3.2.2014 018

My favourite bird – the bullfinch 🙂 Shame he wasn’t feeling very photogenic and wouldn’t turn around!

On this visit we decided to explore the lower part of the nature reserve as I usually tend to walk the trails over the railway tracks around the top part of the park (Currently this area of the park is closed while maintenance work is being conducted on the crossing – check the website for more details).

We began from the natural world visitor’s centre, following the path back towards the entrance of the park, round the lake and then over the pontoon onto the island. The hide on the island has great views out over the nearby lake and central island where many of the resident birds perch and fly above during the day – a great place for avid bird watchers/photographers! If you get the opportunity definitely explore the nearby ‘cave’ and adventure area which is built partially over the lake.

Whisby Nature Park 3.2.2014 027

A pair of hungry great tits! They were queuing up to try out these delicious looking peanuts 🙂

As you walk past the visitor’s centre and into the main park keep an eye out for the designated bird table/feeding area on your right, as it is perfect for close up bird watching and photography of more common hedgerows birds – blue and great tits, chaffinches, robins, goldfinches and sparrows. If you haven’t visited Whisby Nature Park before I would definitely recommend it! There is plenty to see and explore – even for those who aren’t huge bird watching fans and just want to enjoy a good, interesting nature walk.

A Walk in the Life…


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