A Walk in the Life: Nocton, Lincolnshire, UK

Now that the weather is definitely starting to feel more like Spring and Summer we decided to head out for a walk in the nearby village of Nocton, east of Lincoln. This walk is one part of two neighbouring walks which explore both the villages of Nocton and Dunston, as well as the surrounding woodland, fens and heaths. As with many of the walks I have tried out this is another walk from the Visit Lincolnshire Stepping Out series, which I would definitely recommend!

March 2014 028

Nocton Village Walk

This walk starts from the Village Hall car park, Main Street, Lincolnshire, LN4 2BH, accessed via the B1188 Lincoln Road. There is plenty of free parking behind the village hall, which is quick to find off the main road through the village. From the centre of Lincoln it took around 15 minutes to get there by car.

Off we go…

1. From the car park behind Nocton Village Hall turn right and head towards the centre of the village.
2. Opposite the post office, follow the way markers along the restricted byway (Look out on the left hand wall for the Nocton cow and a small snail plaque!).

March 2014 015Smiling Nocton Cow – made from old pieces of painted metal

March 2014 017Mosaic tile snail 

3. Continue along this path until you reach a crossroad. Take the bridleway on the left, keeping the Nocton Cricket Ground on the right.

March 2014 021

4. Follow this path as it bends to the right (Look out for views over an orchard with the village church behind on your left!) and continue on through Burton Plantation.

March 2014 030

5. As the path bends left continue to follow it through Grotto Holt (Look out for buzzards flying overhead and smaller birds in the hedgerows – great tits, chaffinches and blackbirds).

6. When you reach a crossroad beside the driveway up to a large house, head straight over and continue up a gentle slope to a metal gate (Make sure to stop here and look out over the surrounding fields and listen to the birds in the nearby fir trees).

March 2014 041

7. Turn right here, through an area of trees and continue until you reach a crossroads of grassy paths.

8. Take the left path and follow this, keeping Nocton Wood on your right.

March 2014 045

9. As you reach the end of this path, head off left along a grassy path between young trees.

10. At the end of this path, carry straight on towards a group of houses known as Wasps Nest (Definitely stop and look out over the surrounding fields towards Whisby Nature Park).

March 2014 053

11. At Wasps Nest turn left and follow the ancient Roman Car Dyke until you reach a sharp right bend in the road.

12. Leave the road and follow the way markers left onto a grassy path heading back towards Nocton.

13. Continue along this path as it runs alongside a river and then into Nocton.

14. Follow the way markers through the houses and back to the car park (Make sure to stop and look around the old houses in the village, especially the post office).

March 2014 080

15. You are all done! 🙂

This walk is 4 miles/6.4km and takes around 2 hours to complete at a leisurely pace, however the walk does have several shortcuts/extensions which you can take to decrease/increase the original walk. When you walk through the village look out for several mosaics, carvings, cast metal panels and photography pieces which are part of a village trail. As we left the car park there were also loads of beautiful spring flowers (Crocuses and snowdrops) which were great to see!

March 2014 013

I really enjoyed this walk, as it not only allowed you to explore the beautiful village of Nocton, but also nearby woodland, surrounding fields and farm land. On our visit we saw plenty of interesting wildlife, including a variety of hedgerow birds (Great/Blue tits, chaffinches, gold finches, blackbirds and thrushes), Buzzards and mallards swimming along in the river. Nocton village itself is full of beautiful old houses and buildings, in particular the old post office built in 1833 and row of connected houses nearby. I would definitely recommend this walk, and I can’t wait to try out the Dunston walk in the next village!

March 2014 074

A Walk in the Life…


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