The Internship: Day 1

If you haven’t already, definitely check out my friend Sarah Beane’s blog – Newbie Science. She’s on her way to becoming a hard hitting journalist, like I always knew she would! 🙂

Newbie Science

I have an internship! It’s two weeks long, unpaid and on the other side of the country, but experience is experience and it’s at BBC Focus, a well respected science and technology magazine that’s based here in Bristol.


So how did I get it?

As part of my course, we have to have at least two weeks work experience. As a science journalist, I was obviously wanting something along those lines, so imagine my surprise when I heard back from the magazine so quickly!

Different places, whether they be newspapers, magazines, a PR company or even just the media office of an organisation, will all want you to apply in a different way. Some want just an email with your CV, some will want to do an interview with you and some (I was going to apply to The Telegraph and they wanted me to do this) want…

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