A Walk in the Life: Dunston, Lincolnshire, UK

A few weeks ago we decided to try out another of the Visit Lincolnshire Stepping Out walks, in the village of Nocton. I really enjoyed getting to explore the beautiful village of Nocton as well as the surrounding countryside. So once I got back from my Easter holidays we decided to head out to the neighbouring village of Dunston and try the walk there. During our visit we were lucky enough to see the beautiful blue haze of bluebells carpeting the woodland floor!

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 039

Dunston Village Walk

This walk starts from the Red Lion Pub car park, Middle Street, Lincoln, Dunston, LN4 2EW accessed via the B1188 Lincoln Road. There is plenty of free parking behind the pub as well as along the nearby Fen Lane, which is really easy to find off the main road through the village. From the centre of Lincoln it took around 15 minutes to get there by car.

Off we go…

1. From the car park of the Red Lion Pub in Dunston, follow the road right down Back Lane, heading left towards the village school. Immediately after the school, look for a way marker pointing right down a tarmac path.

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 014

2. Turn right here and follow this public bridleway between tall hedges until you see a way marker leading off to your right (Look out for hedgerow birds flying back and forth here. We saw a very hungry blackbird with a beak full of juicy worms!).

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 015

3. Turn right and follow this footpath with Nocton Cricket ground on your left (We saw tons of different species of butterfly here, landing on the hedgerow flowers and shrubs).

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 021

4. As the path reaches the steep banks of a reservoir, follow the way markers left through an area of woodland. Continue through the trees until you meet a T junction, as the path joins a tarmac lane (Here the walk shares a similar route to the Nocton Village walk which I wrote about a few weeks ago!).

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 028

5. Turn right onto this lane and follow it through Burton Plantation (Look out for bluebells and cowslips as well as plenty of wild garlic covering the woodland floor). Continue straight on into Grotto Holt.

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 031

6. Follow the path through Grotto Holt until you see a way marked path leading off right. This path offers a shorter route, re-joining the walk between points 8 and 9.

7. We decided to continue on the longer route and followed the track straight on until, just before a metal gate, the way markers lead right (We stopped here to look out over the farmland beyond and watch the pheasants running alongside the woodland).

8. Take this restricted byway through an area of woodland and continue on with Nocton Wood on your left (When we visited the wood was full of beautiful bluebells and birdsong). Keep an eye out for a way marker leading off to the right across open fields.

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 043

9. Turn right onto this path and follow it over the fields towards the village of Dunston (As we were walking across these fields all we could hear was the beautiful sound of Skylarks hovering above us. It was really amazing to get to see so many flying about the open farmland). A way marked track leading off right is the point at which the shortcut described in Point 6 rejoins the walk.

10. Continue straight on over two wooden foot bridges, until you reach the houses at Dunston (We saw plenty of pheasants running around the fields, as well as buzzards flying high above us characteristically hovering and diving to catch food).

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 048

11. Follow the way markers left, along a grassy track until you reach Willow Lane. Follow this left and back to the car park.

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 051

This walk is 2.8 miles/4.5km and takes around an hour to complete at a leisurely pace, however it does have a short cut which you can take to decrease the original walk. This walk is a little short for me, so if you prefer a longer walk it may be worth thinking about extending this walk by combining it with with the nearby Nocton Village walk, as the routes briefly link. Despite that, I really enjoyed this walk as it offers great views of the surrounding countryside and farmland, as well as the opportunity to explore the village of Dunston.

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 010

Throughout the walk we saw a good variety of woodland, hedgerow and farmland wildlife, including: Great/Blue tits, gold finches, blackbirds, butterflies, skylarks and pheasants. Before we started the walk we stopped to watch a flock of ducklings which were swimming in the stream as well as running back and forth across the quiet lane – needless to say they were very very cute! I would definitely recommend this walk, especially now all the spring flowers are blooming 🙂

Dunston and Marshmallow Cups 009

A Walk in the Life…

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