A Walk in the Life: Ingham (Part 2)

It was a long time ago that I first visited the beautiful village of Ingham and ever since I have wanted to try out a second walk there. So, with the weather staying fairly sunny and bright we decided to head out. In case you haven’t seen my previous Ingham post, this walk comes from a series of walks in Lincoln I found online, many of which I have already tried out – particularly from the Lincolnshire Stepping Out series.

Ingham (Part 2) 061


The walk begins on the village green, opposite the village hall and old school buildings. We got there by car from the centre of Lincoln in around 15 minutes. There is plenty of free parking outside the village hall, and around the village green.

Off we go…

1. Leave the car park and walk towards the village green. Keep to the left with the village shop on your right. Turn left and walk along West End. Following West End as it bends to the left and then right, becoming Long Lane.

Ingham (Part 2) 009

2. Continue to follow Long Lane, looking out for hedgerow birds (Blue/Great tits, Chaffinches, Goldfinches and Blackbirds) until the road bends left. To complete the longer walk to the coates, follow the road right.

3. If doing the shorter walk, keep straight along the lane, past the houses and onto a track.

Ingham (Part 2) 020

4. As the track bends right follow the footpath on the left into the field (When we visited this field was full of beautiful yellow oil seed). Walk straight across the field aiming to the footpath sign in the hedge line.

Ingham (Part 2) 031

5. Turn right and follow the field edge to the corner (If you stop here and look back you can see the working power stations at Cottam and West Burton). Turn left over the bridge and continue straight on along the field edge (Look and listen for skylarks hoovering over the fields!).

Ingham (Part 2) 050

6. Cross the bridge and continue along the field edge (The sound of the trickling stream underneath was particularly lovely to hear). At the end of the field cross the bridge on the right and walk with the dyke on your left heading towards the sewage works. Head to the left of the sewage works, cross the dyke, and continue with the hedge on your right (When we visited there where loads of swallows diving across the fields, which was great to see!).

Ingham (Part 2) 054

7. At the end of the field turn left towards the village. This footpath will lead you back to the Village Hall and car park.

Ingham (Part 2) 055

This walk actually has two parts: a longer walk down and around the coates (9 km/5½miles), and a shorter walk through Ingham’s surrounding countryside (2½ km/1½miles). We decided to follow the shorter walk, however we did extend it slightly by continuing along Long Lane before heading left at the junction for the coates. This made the walk a little longer than 2½ km/1½miles and took us through fields full of beautiful yellow oil seed covered in bees and butterflies.

Ingham (Part 2) 029

I really enjoyed this walk as it allowed us to explore the quiet lanes in Ingham village as well as grassy tracks through the surrounding farmland. We saw lots of wildlife throughout the walk, including a variety of hedgerow birds, skylarks and swallows. I’m glad we decided to extend the shorter walk, as I think it would have been a little bit quick for us! However, this is easily done due to the many public footpaths and bridleways around the village. I would definitely recommend visiting Ingham and enjoying one or all of it’s beautiful walks! 🙂

A Walk in the Life…


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