A Bake in the Life: Malteser Bars

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have been able to tell that I love to bake! However, when I’m super busy (Which seems like always at the moment!) I have to switch to less time consuming recipes which still mean that I can make delicious things without spending hours in the kitchen. One of my favourite, quick and hard to resist sweets to make when I am short on time is chocolate fridge cake/tiffin bars. I have wanted to try out this adaptation on traditional tiffin for ages, so with very little time and hungry friends to please I finally got round to making them 🙂

May 2014 076

Malteser Bars

You will need:

3½ oz/100g Butter

3½ oz/100g Golden Syrup

5 oz/150g Milk Chocolate

8 oz/225g Digestive Biscuits

6 oz/175g Maltesers (Chocolate Malted Balls)

10 oz/300g White Chocolate

Grating of Milk Chocolate

May 2014 059

Let’s get started!

  • Begin by greasing and lining a 19x29cm/7½x10½in tin, before setting aside.
  • In a large saucepan combine the butter, golden syrup and milk chocolate, placing over a low heat.
  • Stirring continuously, melt until smooth and glossy then remove from the heat.

May 2014 064

  • In a plastic food bag bash the digestive biscuits into fine crumbs.
  • In another bag smash the maltesers 3/4 times until a few are broken and some remain whole.

May 2014 065

  • Stir the biscuit crumbs and maltesers into the melted butter, golden syrup and milk chocolate until combined.
  • Spread evenly in your prepared tin and allow to cool for a few minutes.
  • Melt the white chocolate carefully in the microwave, or in a bowl over gently simmering water – ensuring that the bowl doesn’t touch the water.
  • Pour over the chocolate biscuit base and then sprinkle over the grated milk chocolate (If you like you can take a fork and swirl the two together to create a marbled effect).
  • Allow to chill in the fridge until set.

May 2014 069

  • You are all done! 🙂

The combination of crunchy and slightly chewy maltesers with the white chocolate in these bars is delicious 🙂 I love how simple this recipe is and, seeing as they take no time at all, how amazing the final malteser bars look! The crushed digestive biscuits soak up the chocolate and form a base, so when you cut it into bars you reveal the maltesers hiding inside.

May 2014 077

It only takes a few minutes to melt together chocolate, butter and syrup before adding in the dry ingredients and then it’s into the fridge to chill. Once you have the basic recipe down for fridge cake/tiffin bars they are really easy to adapt to your personal tastes or to what ever you have in the cupboard! I have made traditional Chocolate Tiffin before, as well Fifteens – both of which I would definitely recommend trying out.

A Bake in the Life…


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