A Walk in the Life: Doddington Village Walk (Part 2)

Doddington is probably one of my favourite places to visit in Lincolnshire. I first visited Doddington Hall and gardens in December when the whole place was beautifully decorated for Christmas, however the gardens and surrounding woodland were looking fairly bare. Since then I have visited just as the weather was changing to try out the Doddington grounds circular walk as well as dropping by on Sundays to browse the delicious fresh produce in the farm shop. With the weather feeling very summery this week I decided to try out a slightly longer walk exploring the village of Doddington!

May 2014 054

Doddington Village Walk

This walk starts from the car park we used when visiting Doddington Hall and grounds, which is off the main road through Doddington, Lincoln, LN6 4RU. Parking is free, easy to find and only takes around 10 minutes by car to get there from the centre of Lincoln.

Off we go…

1. Begin in the main car park across from the hall and turn right onto the road, so that the church is on your left (If you get the chance, definitely explore the church of Saint Peter). Walk a short way until you see Kennel Lane on your right.

May 2014 010

2. Turn right onto Kennel Lane and follow this, through the houses and out along a grassy bridleway (Looking out across the fields you can see Lincoln cathedral in the distance). Follow this into woodland and continue on, past the ponds of the rendering works, until you reach a T-junction (Watch out for water fowl on the ponds! We saw some moorhens and coots swimming about when we visited).

May 2014 029

3. Turn right and follow this track around the barrier, along the edge of the works until you emerge onto the road. Continue right and follow the road for 2.4miles over two crossroads (We saw plenty of rabbits, squirrels and pheasants running around in the fields and across the roads when they were quiet).

May 2014 045
5. After the second crossroad, look for a public bridleway which leads right along the very edge of woodland just before you reach open fields. Turn right onto this bridleway (Look out for hedgerow birds darting back and forth, as well as butterflies and bees) and follow this track, with panoramic views over the Trent Valley, back to Doddington village.

May 2014 049
6. The track passes the start of the Fishpond Walk and back to the road (I would definitely recommend visiting the fish ponds nearby if you have the chance). Turn left and after a very short distance, the car park is on your right.

May 2014 056

This walk gives a great tour around the village of Doddington, is 4.9miles/7.9km in length and took around 2 hours to complete. I really enjoyed the first and last parts of this walk, however there is a fairly long section of road walking which isn’t something I like very much in a walk. Through out the walk we saw lots of public footpaths leading off our route, so perhaps with some exploring we could avoid the road almost completely.

May 2014 038

While walking past the rendering work ponds we saw loads of trees and shrubs covered in so much white pollen that it looked like it had been snowing! As we passed through some farm buildings we watched swallows dive in and out of the rafters from their nests, which was really great to see 🙂 It was good to be able to explore parts of Doddington I haven’t visited before, especially around the fish pond and the surrounding woodland. I would recommend this walk, however I think I would change it up slightly in the middle if I did it again.

A Walk in the Life…


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