Life After Lincoln – My New Blog!

When I begin writing this blog in early August 2013 I always intended that ‘A Year in the Life…’ would be just that, a year’s collection of blog posts that made up my experiences and life while studying at Lincoln University.

As a result, when I completed my research at Lincoln in August 2014 I decided to stop posting on ‘A Year in the Life…’ in order to focus on writing my thesis and begin to find my feet as a science graduate.

I am now spending a year gaining experience working in a secondary school ahead of applying to train as a science teacher, specifically biology. I was lucky enough to begin working as a teaching assistant back home in Oxfordshire, in September 2014 and have now been at my school for 5 months!

My time there so far has been amazingly good fun, really rewarding and has definitely confirmed to me that I want to teach. As a result I am now in the exciting stages of applying for teacher training!! I plan to use this new blog ‘Life After Lincoln’ as a way to record my experiences of life after university, both professionally and personally.

I hope that this new blog will be as interesting and informative to read as my previous and that you continue to follow me from new graduate to biology teacher 🙂

– Amy


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