A Bake in the Life: Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake

Last week one of my oldest friends celebrated her birthday, and naturally I wanted to make her a special, overindulgent mouthwatering birthday cake! A while back I took her a few of my Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies and she really enjoyed them, so I decided to base this cake on their salted caramel chocolate flavour but as a traditional sandwich cake. This recipe is based on one I came across a looong time ago inside a packet of Stork butter, printed on the foil, that I have been saving for the right occasion. So what better than a best friend’s birthday 🙂

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake 018

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake

You will need:

For the cake

6 oz/175g Butter

6 oz/175g Caster Sugar

6 oz/175g Self Raising Flour

3 Eggs

1 Tsp Baking Powder

2 oz/55g Plain Chocolate

2 oz/55g White Chocolate

For the salted caramel icing

9 oz/250g Light Brown Sugar

5 fl oz/150ml Double Cream

4½ oz/140g Butter

½ Tsp Salt

Sprinkle of Chocolate Chips

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake 002

Let’s get started!

  • Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 5/190ºC/373ºF then grease and line two 8″ (20cm) cake tins with grease proof/baking paper.
  • Beat together butter, caster, self raising flour, eggs and baking powder until smooth.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake 003

  • Melt the chocolates separately, either in a bowl over a pan of simmering water or carefully in the microwave (Be careful not to let the chocolate burn!)
  • Split the mixture into two bowls, then add melted plain chocolate to one and melted white chocolate to the other.
  • Alternative spoonfuls of both mixtures into the prepared cake tins, gently swirling a skewer through the mixture.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake 012

  • Bake in the oven for 25-35 minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cakes comes out clean.
  • Cool in the tins for 5 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.
  • To make the icing combine light brown sugar, double cream and salt in a medium sized heavy bottomed saucepan.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake 006

  • Heat until the sugar dissolves, then bubble for 3-4 minutes not stirring.
  • Cool for 10 minutes, then beat in the butter then chill in the fridge until firm.
  • Sandwich together the two cakes with the half of the salted caramel icing, then cover the top of the cake with the rest of the icing.
  • Sprinkle over a handful of chocolate chips to decorate.
  • You are all done 🙂

What a decadent treat of a cake!! By far my favourite part of this recipe is the salted caramel icing, which is fast becoming one of my favourite combinations. Once you cut into the cake the beautiful swirls of white and plain chocolate become visible which adds an interesting twist on a traditional chocolate cake. I decided to make two cakes and sandwich them together with the salted caramel icing, however you could bake one large cake and cut it in half or keep it whole and just top which the icing.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Marble Cake 017

This recipe would also work well for cupcakes, swirling the white and plain chocolate in mini individual cakes, topped with the salted caramel icing and a handful of chocolate chips. You could of course top this cake with something more extravagant than chocolate chips, like homemade chocolate truffles or a combination of white, dark and plain chips for a twist of colour 🙂 The final cake definitely met with approval and I would recommend making it for your next special occasion!

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A Bake in the Life: Malteser Bars

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have been able to tell that I love to bake! However, when I’m super busy (Which seems like always at the moment!) I have to switch to less time consuming recipes which still mean that I can make delicious things without spending hours in the kitchen. One of my favourite, quick and hard to resist sweets to make when I am short on time is chocolate fridge cake/tiffin bars. I have wanted to try out this adaptation on traditional tiffin for ages, so with very little time and hungry friends to please I finally got round to making them 🙂

May 2014 076

Malteser Bars

You will need:

3½ oz/100g Butter

3½ oz/100g Golden Syrup

5 oz/150g Milk Chocolate

8 oz/225g Digestive Biscuits

6 oz/175g Maltesers (Chocolate Malted Balls)

10 oz/300g White Chocolate

Grating of Milk Chocolate

May 2014 059

Let’s get started!

  • Begin by greasing and lining a 19x29cm/7½x10½in tin, before setting aside.
  • In a large saucepan combine the butter, golden syrup and milk chocolate, placing over a low heat.
  • Stirring continuously, melt until smooth and glossy then remove from the heat.

May 2014 064

  • In a plastic food bag bash the digestive biscuits into fine crumbs.
  • In another bag smash the maltesers 3/4 times until a few are broken and some remain whole.

May 2014 065

  • Stir the biscuit crumbs and maltesers into the melted butter, golden syrup and milk chocolate until combined.
  • Spread evenly in your prepared tin and allow to cool for a few minutes.
  • Melt the white chocolate carefully in the microwave, or in a bowl over gently simmering water – ensuring that the bowl doesn’t touch the water.
  • Pour over the chocolate biscuit base and then sprinkle over the grated milk chocolate (If you like you can take a fork and swirl the two together to create a marbled effect).
  • Allow to chill in the fridge until set.

May 2014 069

  • You are all done! 🙂

The combination of crunchy and slightly chewy maltesers with the white chocolate in these bars is delicious 🙂 I love how simple this recipe is and, seeing as they take no time at all, how amazing the final malteser bars look! The crushed digestive biscuits soak up the chocolate and form a base, so when you cut it into bars you reveal the maltesers hiding inside.

May 2014 077

It only takes a few minutes to melt together chocolate, butter and syrup before adding in the dry ingredients and then it’s into the fridge to chill. Once you have the basic recipe down for fridge cake/tiffin bars they are really easy to adapt to your personal tastes or to what ever you have in the cupboard! I have made traditional Chocolate Tiffin before, as well Fifteens – both of which I would definitely recommend trying out.

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A Bake in the Life: Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins

This recipe comes from my favourite muffin recipe book, which is pretty much the first place I look when I want to try out something new. I am a massive fan of white chocolate and raspberry together, so when I spotted this recipe I knew I had to make it! I have seen muffins in coffee shops/bakeries that have this style of crumble topping and I really enjoy both the look and texture it gives, particularly on top of fruit based muffins. I have made Apple and Blackberry Crumble before so I know how to make a good crumble, however this will be my first time sprinkling it over muffins 🙂

Muffins 001

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins

You will need:

For the Muffins

10 oz/280g Plain Flour

1 tbsp Baking Powder

½ tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

Pinch of Salt

4 oz/115g Caster Sugar

2 Eggs

9 fl oz/250ml Natural Yoghurt

3 oz/85g Melted and Cooled Butter

1 tsp Vanilla Flavouring/Extract

5½ oz/150g Frozen Raspberries

3½ oz/100g White Chocolate Chips/Chunks

For the Crumble Topping

1¾ oz/50g Plain Flour

1¼ oz/35g Butter

1 oz/25g Caster Sugar

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 007

Let’s get started!

  • Preheat your oven to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas Mark 6.
  • Begin by greasing or lining a 12 cup muffin tray with paper cases.
  • To make the crumble topping, combine flour and butter then rub between your fingertips to create a fine breadcrumb like texture.
  • Stir in the sugar and set aside until later.

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 003

  • In a large bowl sift together flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and salt, then stir to combine.
  • Beat together the eggs, butter, yoghurt and vanilla in another bowl/measuring jug.

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 004

  • Add the liquid ingredients to the dry along with the chocolate chips/chunks and gently stir to combine.

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 005

  • Spoon the mixture into the prepared muffin tin then top each with 2-3 raspberries (I decided to do this just before baking to prevent the raspberries from all sinking to the bottom, but you can combine them when you add the chocolate).

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 011

  • Finally, sprinkle your prepared crumble mixture over the top of each muffin and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and well risen.

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 013

  • Allow to cool for 5 minutes in the tin then cool completely on a wire rack.
  • You are all done! 🙂

Raspberry, White Chocolate Crumble Muffins 019

Placing the raspberries on top of each muffin just before baking worked really well, ensuring that they didn’t all sink to the bottom and instead were visible once they had baked. In combination with the golden brown crumble topping the bright pink colour of the oozing raspberries looks great! Once you break them apart you get the sweet taste of the white chocolate chips as well as a subtle hint of vanilla. The crumble was really simple to make, as were the muffins and all together only took around 30 minutes. I decided not to top these with an icing, but instead just sieved some icing sugar over each. Definitely try these out if you love the taste of sweet tart raspberries and milky white chocolate 🙂

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White Chocolate, Cranberry and Macadamia Cookies

These were delicious! 🙂

Newbie Science

It’s time for another recipe post! This time I’ve been making white chocolate, cranberry and macadamia cookies. It’s a combination that works really well, and the recipe is really easy. We ate quite a few of them very quickly, and there were different sizes, so we forgot how many the mixture made, but the base recipe I used said it made 24.


  • 250g plain flourP1010922
  • 150g room temperature butter
  • 150g light brown sugar
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 150g white chocolate
  • 100g macadamia nuts
  • 100g dried cranberries


1) Preheat the oven at around 170°C. Weigh out the sugar and butter. Top tip: weigh the sugar first and then weigh the butter on top, it saves things sticking to the scales.

P10108532) Cream the butter and sugar together.


3) Add a capful of vanilla extract and the egg, then…

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A Craft in the Life: Peanut Butter Cups

While out shopping this week I came across a recipe book that caught my eye straight away: Sweet Things! Since I made my first batch of fudge I have been really interested in having a go at making some more sweet things, in particular marshmallows, chocolate truffles and candy canes. After flicking through and making lots of notes on recipes I really want to try out, I decided to start by making some Peanut Butter Cups 🙂


Peanut Butter Cups

You will need:

2oz/50g White Chocolate

3½oz/100g Crunchy Peanut Butter

1 tsp Vanilla Extract/Flavouring

10½oz/300g Milk Chocolate

0.8oz/25g Finely chopped salted peanuts


Let’s get started!

  • Begin by lining a 12 mini muffin tray (Or regular if you don’t have one – just be aware that you may need to use a little more chocolate as the cases will have a wider area to spread out).
  • Melt the white chocolate carefully in the microwave, or in a bowl over gently simmering water – ensuring that the bowl doesn’t touch the water.


  • Add in the crunchy peanut butter and vanilla, stirring until combined and then setting aside.


  • Melt the milk chocolate, similarly to the white, until silky and smooth.
  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.
  • Spoon 1-2 tsp of the melted milk chocolate into each mini muffin case, allowing it to spread evenly across the base of the case.
  • Using a teaspoon, pick up 1 flattened spoon full of the peanut butter and white chocolate mixture.
  • Carefully place a flattened disc onto the chocolate base in each case.


  • Ensure the peanut butter/white chocolate disc is flat before spooning 1-2 tsp of milk chocolate over the top to cover.


  • Gently tap the tray to spread the chocolate evenly and top with finely chopped salted peanuts before chilling until completely set.
  • You are all done! 🙂


really enjoyed making these peanut butter cups! The recipe was much simpler than I imagined it would be, only taking around 30 minutes before chilling to set. The mixture of milk chocolate and peanut butter has always been a favourite of mine and these definitely didn’t disappoint! You can use a mixture of dark and milk chocolate to coat the peanut butter centre, however I decided to use all milk as I prefer it to dark. One thing to be careful of is the thickness of chocolate on top and bottom of the peanut butter, make sure to keep it as thin as possible.

I didn’t have any loose peanuts so I left the sprinkling of chopped peanuts off the top – which still tasted really nice! However I think the saltiness of the peanuts would add a good contrast to the very sweet mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. If you have never made anything sweet inspired before, I would definitely recommend trying out this recipe as it is really easy, simple and most importantly delicious 🙂

IMG_4852I am very excited to try out some more recipes from my new book!

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